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That’s a Game Changer…

Strategy is about hitting the target in the center every time!  Recently, I was asked to review a couple of strategic plans  because they weren’t getting the results they had hoped for.  Some might say it is all in the execution.  Some would say the strategy isn’t right.  Some would say we have the wrong people to get us where we want to go.  It can be a little of all of these, but which one do you adjust?  Which one to push on to get greater results?

The first one needed more clarity on the BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal).  The company wasn’t excited to create something awesome.  They were getting orders, all is going fine, sales and net profit have doubled over last year.  However, they were a bit bored with their innovation.  They knew they could do more.  They are so smart, so bright, and so creative – I call them my “mini-Apple”.  They could bring so much more value to their customers than just manufacturing or assembly.  They have the vision of how to bring all the technology pieces together to create a complete enterprise of service and stand behind the products they sell.  We spent a half a day dissecting the BHAG and the Hedgehog to see where do they really make their money?  And how do we leverage that to make a BHAG like no other.  A half a day!!!

We knew we had it when our sales guys said:

– “That’s a Game Changer!!”

– We will turn heads with that one!

– There is a lot of life in that BHAG

– We can make our career on making that BHAG happen!

– The best and brightest will want to be part of that BHAG!

Do your employees or even your Executive team say this about your BHAG?  This is not a CEO lead vision.  It came from the heart and soul of the Executive team who have been working closely with their customers to create a better solution than the way things are currently being done.  The customer was frustrated in linear problem solving and linear solutions (we can make more the more things we sell them) vs. let’s sell them a solution and we will work with the customer to select the best ‘things’ to solve the problem…where ever the ‘things’ come from.  They have been known to tell the customer ‘no, that product won’t give you the results you’re looking for, for these reasons.  Here is a low cost alternative that will do the same thing AND get us the desired results!”

After we identified the RIGHT BHAG, now our priorities for making this happen become clearer, engaging, exciting, and measurable.  It was also clear of why some of the previous ‘priorities’ were not getting completed.  They sounded like the right priorities, yet they weren’t getting done.  This was the trigger that something deeper was in the way.

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