Leaders Laboratory is a collaborative experimentation to discover and deploy a powerful growth catalyst for forward-thinking CEOs.

What does a CEO think and talk about?

CEO’s who know how to make money are getting together to focus on the challenges of fast growth.  Confidential, experienced, seasoned CEO’s (10 years experience), who want to create a strong, new future for their companies, their employees, and their communities are meeting monthly in the Detroit area.

Leaders Laboratory is a collaborative and energetic working environment, where the mission is to discover and deploy a powerful growth catalyst—a change agent that affords the CEO the time, energy, clarity and motivation to explore the next “big-idea” personal and/or professional pursuit.

As is the case in any scientific laboratory, we work to harness and unleash an energy that will strategically effect transformative change within an organization and fuel sustainable growth. These discoveries made together are then moved out of the testing environment and deployed into organizations looking to implement a catalyst for powerful growth.

By discovering and modeling new visions for the future, we collaborate with CEOs and leadership teams in order to overcome stagnation and organizational dysfunction. At Leaders Laboratory, visionary CEOs are working today to discover tomorrow’s “better way.”

How are CEO’s exploring, experimenting, and excelling…

Leadership Laboratory Meetings:

  • Nine group meetings per year (schedule provided in November of prior year)
  • Half-day morning meetings
  • Customized meeting agendas designed only for the members who attend
  • Active participation with local CEO’s/leaders from cross industries
  • Group discussion on growth strategies
  • Expert speakers, masters at their chosen area of expertise

Leadership Tool Kit:

  • “Discovery Tools” book with over 30 guides, worksheets, tools, assessments to grow and develop yourself, your people, and your company.
  • Direction on how to use each of the tools provided
  • Specialized reading/audio/visual material to advance your individual learning of key disciplines used in the tool kit
  • Access to experts who will assist you in your use of the tools
  • How to adjust the tools, when necessary, to fit the situation at hand.
  • Identification and understanding of how and where to make adjustments to get the desired results
  • Electronic databank of all Discovery Tools, worksheets, articles


  • Practice at being a valued member of your team, not just the leader.
  • Accountability to yourself, your team, and the group
  • How to manage your board of directors and/or how to create an advisory board

If you would like additional information or an interest exploring and experimenting with proven professional CEO’s, let me know.



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