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Which Comes First…Strategy or Structure?

Strategic planning is the ‘what’ people do together to create a future.  Culture is ‘why’ people want to associate with you to create that future together.  We can have a strategic plan that may be the best and greatest direction but if the people don’t want to help you it won’t happen.  The other way also works, if we have a great culture – the possibilities are endless.  We need both strategy and culture to fit together to get the expected results.

As we add people, the complexity of ‘how’ we get work done changes.  As we grow, we add people.  As we add people we put in processes to help the people better communicate.  The main purpose of any executive team is to provide direction for continued growth and development of the firm.

My role is to assist the executive team in developing a sound strategy and structure to support the intended growth.  With that, I want to provide a process for measuring the success of your strategic planning efforts.

Strategy or Structure are part of the same growth strategy.  Here are the steps for Evolution of Growth.

Step 1        It all starts with a Mission/Vision/Purpose, Core Values, and a passion to add value

Step 2       We then develop a structure for finding/getting work and then for getting work done, as we grow we add people and complexity

Step 3       We add, update, or upgrade our processes to accommodate for the changes in people.  Process are used to communicate standards of control, scalability, and repeatability.

Step 4       Now adjust the strategy to leverage the new level of expertise and processes in our company and the opportunities with our customers

Repeat steps above…

Then what?  

How does information flow through your company?

A company’s organizational structure should be ever changing, just like the movement with your strategic plan.  A strategic plan is a plan for growth that best leverages your resources.  Over the past few years organizations have found difficulty in retaining employees. I have noticed their strategic plans are not robust enough to retain employees or the strategic plan hasn’t been updated to reflect the best utilization of the company resources – its people.  Therefore, companies are under utilizing the knowledge base within their own companies!  The traditional organizational structure builds and supports silos so information is controlled and knowledge isn’t shared.  Many times the outside world has better access to what is going on inside our own companies.  Our best people leave to add value somewhere else if your structures doesn’t allow for people to add value.

Your competitive advantage is your people!

I am a teaching consultant who will focus on teaching your team how to work on your business together.  We create a common vision and the right priorities that only an executive team can make happen.  We spend one day per quarter focusing ON the business NOT IN the business.  We begin with a 2-day session to provide a common understanding and foundation for operating, and determine who will do what by when to make the needle move.  We then meet in 90 days to review progress and stops in getting the strategic plan in place.  We found a consistent rhythm has the greatest impact on developing your executive/advisory team to focus on the right things!




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