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Leaders Laboratory and The Future of Work, Thank you to so many of you who are supporting the activities of Leaders Laboratory and the Future of Work, we have had a great first year and establishing great work for the upcoming year.  We are making a difference in the companies and communities we serve.

This blog is to provide a brief update to our ongoing activities and the impact we are making.  Our next meeting is Aug. 8th it will be at the University of Michigan “Race: Are we So Different” exhibition.

The group is evolving very nicely.  We have five companies going through organization changes, we are comparing similarities and differences of what is the most effective way to change culture.  It starts with the strategic plan and moves through leadership, systems & structures, and market dynamics.  In our last meeting we had three presentations, led by the CEO, on culture change progress reports.  Whenever we make changes to a structure (group of people) you will have resistance and conflict – this is normal.  How we manage that conflict to continue to leverage the energy to positive change is different within each organization.  Our discussion wrapped around into culture, how people are raised, education, and the role government plays in setting guidelines of constraints, entitlement expectations, and our own respect for others. We discussed, How do we help different ‘groups of people’ within our own organizations or related to our organizations (vendors, Boards) work together more effectively.  How do we develop and grow trust along cultural (homogeneous) lines and multi-cultural (heterogeneous) lines.  It isn’t just about skin color, it is countries, nations, communities, and neighborhoods.  We can restructure the work environment, but if school, or home doesn’t change work will become the problem vs. the solution to a better life.

The role of our members in the group is not a ‘target’ client, or that of a service provider.  Each members role is to be a contributor and participant of change.  We have selected some excellent individuals who are facilitating change within their organization or community to make it a better place, a place for growth, personal development, and innovation.  Creating organizations where people want to come and contribute and participate in making a better life for everyone in our homes, workplace, and community.  We want to help each other learn, grow, and develop from each other in the group since we are all leading change initiatives.  By hearing what others are doing (planning, implementing, measuring, adjusting) we can better advance our own growth initiatives.  We are also a resource for each other to bounce ‘what if’ ideas around to get the most effective use of our resources to lift the company to the next level vs. trying to push it to the next level and prevent a stall.  Some initiatives can get heavy, thick, and muddy – we as the leader need to keep it moving in a timely, cost effective manner with engaged participants (stakeholders)!

We can all get very busy pushing our initiatives through, taking a step back to hear what someone else is doing on their initiatives can provide the fuel for the ship to keep yours moving – all change initiatives need fuel (variation) to keep the energy level positive, consistent, and keep the troops focused and moving on the right things.

Thank you again to all of the great ideas, initiatives, participation, and contributions – looking forward to a great 2013-2014 year!



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