Leaders Laboratory is a collaborative experimentation to discover and deploy a powerful growth catalyst for forward-thinking CEOs.

Leaders Leading The Way in “Future of Work”

Detroit, Michigan, — CEO’s working together to create a new future in the way work gets done in Southeast Michigan. In a survey conducted by Right Management, a global leader in talent management, indicates 96% of U.S. companies lack sufficient leaders.                                                    Apple-Organizational-Chart

“CEO’s are coming together to explore and experiment new models for creating the Future of Work in Michigan. We have found if we are willing to bring our best ideas on new systems and structures, and visit others to see what ‘innovative’ models look like and how they work we can mix-n-match to make the ‘best-idea’ for our individual companies.” As indicated by Donna Hover, CEO and Founder of Leaders Laboratory.

This method of collaboration comes from lessons learned from creating the first Automotive Supplier Council in Grand Rapids Michigan in 1987. Grand Rapidian’s know how to collaborate to bring out the best in their companies, communities, and employees. Southeast Michigan is starting to pull together to make our area a different place to work. Collaboration is a learned process built on trust, exploring, open sharing, and experimenting to create the new Future of Work.

Leaders Laboratory coalition represents members from secondary education, community non-profits, midsize corporations, international corporations, and leading Universities. Working together to increase employee engagement, using technology to attract the best and the brightest from around the world.

“We are at a serious crossroads in the infrastructure of our business-oriented economy and country. We can either decide to be the country of ‘insufficient leaders’ or the country that builds new paradigm of a collaborative and intuitive leader. It is up to us” states one of the members of the Leaders Laboratory coalition. “We have been hard at work researching how to move from traditional hierarchy to more innovative company,” says Hover.

Leaders Laboratory is a collaborative and energetic working environment, where the mission is to discover and deploy a powerful growth catalyst—a change agent that affords the CEO the time, energy, clarity and motivation to explore the next “big-idea” for their company and their community.

By discovering and modeling new visions for the future, we collaborate with CEOs and leadership teams in order to overcome stagnation and organizational dysfunction. At Leaders Laboratory, visionary CEOs are working today to discover tomorrow’s “better way.”


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