“The very essence of Donna’s work is advising CEOs and executive leadership teams on how to implement their strategic planning initiatives. Donna has learned how to ask the difficult questions to executives and at the same time keep leadership focused on the priority activities necessary to take their organizations to the next level. Working with Donna was the single most significant business decision that I have made in the last five years.”

– Edward Hartfield

“Donna has been a tremendous help to our team at International Data Management; keeping us focused and on point utilizing the Executive Road Map to make sure that we have clear short term objectives that lead to long term results. As a strong outside party, she is able to navigate the strong personalities that make up our management team, being objective and supportive, while instilling accountability into the process. I am glad to recommend Donna to any team in need of strategy and focus.”

– Paul Noonan

“Donna is an excellent facilitator of business strategy sessions. For two years, she helped us build a robust process for developing and executing our corporate strategy. Donna is personable and direct. She always does a great job at getting the entire team engaged and keeping the meetings productive.”

– Dan Schildge

“Donna is a gifted facilitator and professional consultant with a passion to see each of the executives reach their maximum potential, both personally and professionally. I was able to witness Donna in at least seven different settings with her executives. Whether the setting was casual or educational, she personally interacted with each executive and had a desire to truly get to know them and their families. Knowing that each one had a unique personality, value-system and talents, she also was able to facilitate a cohesive and creative learning environment. Donna has innate desire and ability to push executives to be productive—asking challenging questions and expecting them to ponder, debate, and respond. Added to this highly respectable approach, she would hold the executives accountable to their commitments and help them develop strategic solutions to ensure their success.”

– Mark Freier

“Meeting and working with Donna has been an outstanding experience for me, watching her thought process, passion for helping CEOs and executives, and skill at getting teams from vision to execution and results. Her years of experience working at the C-level, wisdom and approach have helped many companies achieve record results. She is a valuable advisor to any company that is trying to go from good to great.”

– Jim Alampi

“Donna is a very bright and inspirational person of very high integrity who approaches her assignments with a true passion. She is especially helpful to organizations and individuals needing significant change and improvement.”

– David Cole

“We have found our meetings to be very focused and productive. Not only is Donna able to quickly drill down to the heart of what’s in our way of getting things done, she finds a solution for the team and holds my team to task on quarterly action items. I thought my team had a good handle on the company’s direction and focus, but after a few quarterly reviews we have learned that we’re not quite there and why. My team has a newfound excitement in refining the business strategy to take it to the next level.”

– Richard Atayn

“Donna is a very talented business leader, strategy expert, facilitator, consultant and coach. She is a trusted advisor in every sense of the term, and all who are lucky enough to work with her reap the benefits of her experience, intelligence, and ability to teach and relate to others. She is an expert at asking the hard questions that result in deep learning and professional growth. She is an innovative thinker that pushes others to think outside of the box. She gives of herself generously without any expectation of reciprocity. I am so grateful to know her, and am very thankful for all that I have learned from her over the last two years in her Vistage TA group.”

– Julie Reed

“Donna is a superior corporate strategist. She has a breadth and depth of knowledge from many years in the corporate sector. She does a fantastic job of distilling this into usable tools applicable in any business situation. She has my unqualified endorsement.”

– Christopher Atayan

“Donna has an excellent understanding of corporate strategy and organizational development. She is terrific coach who has the unique ability to challenge corporate executives, draw out the best in them and translate that into a plan for success. She also has a deep understanding of the auto industry and is able to predict future challenges and opportunities before many other others see them. She has my endorsement.”

– Marge Sorge

“Donna brings a wealth of knowledge when helping companies develop strategies for success. She challenges people to shed old and/or predisposed views of their customers and themselves, and pushes organizational teams to reshape their businesses for optimum results. After have worked with a company, Donna always leaves them with a plan for meeting their stated objective(s). She can help with the implementation, holding people accountable for executing the plan and staying on task, or she can simply monitor activity periodically. The more Donna is involved, the higher the probability of success.”

– Terry Kazakos